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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unveil Different Types of Bakery Equipments

Someone has very rightly said – Fresh baked cookies generate simple pleasure. In the world of health consciousness baked food has taken center stage. And consequently the demand for bakery equipment has also seen a rise. The demand has risen not only for commercial uses but also for personal use. Baking is a sensitive task which involves the use of high-tech equipments and different hygienic and scientific principles. Those who are well aware of the bakery requirements will know that bread slicers and deck ovens are vital parts of any bakery set up.

Let us take a look at some basic information about bread slicers and deck ovens which are vital components of any bakery equipment.

Bread slicers are basically automated machines to slice loaves of bread into equal pieces without deforming the original loaf and that too in a short span of time with precision and accuracy. It is a perfectly designed machine for high scale bakeries, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, and military units. One of the unique features is that all surfaces which are in contact with the bread are made of food stuff friendly materials. Since a bakery would deal with large amounts of bread that would need to be sliced in various shapes and sizes with high precision, the slicers are considered as an irreplaceable part of the bakery equipment.

Commercial baking requires correspondingly larger tools than the casual baker would use. Also in a restaurant or a big bakery, large volumes of product would need to be baked in one go. In such cases, deck ovens would become an inevitable part of the bakery equipment because of their feature of having more than one baking chamber which would serve the purpose of baking more items in one attempt. The three most popular types available in the market today are: cyclothermic, steam tube and thermal oil ovens.