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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Is it Worth Investing in Ambient Food Display if you are in Food and Drink Industry?

Whether you are already running your food business or you are about to start new business, you should always have some attractive food display in your shop. With this equipment, you can show your food products to customers. There is always higher possibility of increment in sales if you display your products in ambient food display equipment as customers can see products and choose on their own. You don’t need to show any products to your customers.

Ambient food display equipment also gives more freedom, time and comfort to your customers so that your customers feel delighted with their shopping experience.
Below are all necessary details about ambient food display, like features, price and best brands to buy.

Best Brands Available are: F.E.D and ICS Pacific

(1) F.E.D
• 1200mmW (Available in 1500mmW, 1800mmW sizes too)
• Three display levels
• Attractive stainless steel base with decorative trim
Dimensions: 1200W 760D 1200H mm
Rent-Try-Buy® for $5.69 a day

Product Code : GG120FD
Product Price : $ 2,730.00

(2) ICS Pacific:

• Elegant stainless steel
• Brilliant internal illumination to all shelves
• Adjustable shelves
• Fitted with wheels (2 Lockable)
• Suitable for cakes, sandwiches, focaccias, pies & pastries
Depth: 730mm, Height: 1200mm

Product Code : ICS Roma Ambient SS
Product Price : $ 2,589.00

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Discuss about Commercial Convection Oven

A commercial convection oven works by forcing hot air through fans and circulating that air around the food - hence convection. This method of heat distribution is effective at cooking food quickly and evenly. You can find them in both gas and electric heat powered varieties. The continuous disperse of the heated air is done by an internal fan, usually built in the rear of the oven.

Some Advantages

A convection oven is quite different to the standard oven and is recognized for its competency and fast preparation time.

The very important things are it need lower temperatures for cooking a food and Preheat very fast.

This prevents warm air from collecting at the top end of a convection oven, thus cooking food quickly.

It creates a distinct visual impact in the home kitchen and is available in a wide range of shades and increase the kitchen efficiency.

By using an oven with a convection feature, it is possible to enjoy evenly cooked food.

Make sure about commercial convection ovens size, you are buying is the right size to fit in your commercial kitchen and the right size for the kind of cooking you will be doing. Make sure you have a plan of what size the kitchen is going to be and what commercial kitchen equipment will go where before you buy the oven you need.

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