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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Perfect Hot Food Display Bar

The food industry relies on merchandise equipment manufacturers to provide them with hot food display units. They need these customized furniture pieces to display their menu items and to keep them either hot or cold.

Restaurants, eateries, all-you-can-eat buffets, hospitals, schools, large corporations, and other food-serving places need quality hot food display bars to show off their soups, gravies, and main course dishes. If the chicken noodle soup, pizza, fried chicken, beans, and mashed potatoes are cold, customers complain, or worse, leave and do not return. No retailer or institution wants that to happen.

Superior hot food display cases are pieces of equipment engineered specifically to meet the ever-changing requests of today's food retailers. This means that the manufacturers have to be able to provide meal solutions for hot or cold prepared food or a combination of both.

Hot food display units are an investment, so before ordering make sure that:
  • You plan your design and create a focal point;
  • You know how many food items you want to display. If your bar is too big, you will have empty chafing dishes, which does not leave a good impression, and if your counter is too small, you will not be able to offer the variety of foods you had planned.
  • The key display items and products should be at the right height. Some establishments serve to ethnic groups that are short, while others are visited more by taller people.
  • Keep the displays simple and appealing. Overcrowding your case may look messy.
  • Use proper lighting, which is even more important for windows and display cabinets
  • Ensure that you have ample space for your hot food display bar, and that it is in a location where it is visible from all angles. Use ample signage so all your hungry customers will easily find their way to your culinary delights!
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cook testy Pizza in Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Pizza is one of the wonder foods of the 21st century. With its emphasis on quality ingredients and artisanal methods of production, it strongly connects with modern ideas about how food should be prepared and enjoyed. And of course, it doesn't hurt that a good pizza can be absolutely delicious!

About Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Wood fired ovens are the latest trend in outdoor home entertainment and for good reason; these wonderful attractive ovens can cook anything and adds an entirely new experience to cooking out of doors. People all over the country who enjoy cooking and entertaining outdoors are adding outdoor ovens to their patios and back yards. Enjoying everything from cozy family dinners to large parties all centered on this latest trend in wood cooking.

How to cook in wood fired pizza ovens

When cooking a pizza in a wood fired oven it is important to fire the
oven properly. This is done by building a fire inside the dome of the oven. For best results, use smallish pieces of wood - certainly no thicker than your wrist. The objective is to heat the dome as quickly as possible, so build a big fire. Every pizza ovens will take a different amount of time to get properly hot but a good tip is to look at the inside of the dome. At first it will be black with soot, but this will start to turn white and then burn off completely. At this point, the inside of the oven is at pizza cooking temperatures. You may need to keep a roaring fire going for a while longer to really get the heat spread throughout the oven. With practice, you will find what works best with your own oven.

Once the oven is hot enough, you can remove a lot of the smaller coals from the oven. Have a metal bins or similar ready to dump your hot coals, and be careful - it will heat up! Retain a good pile of coals, and push it to the side of the oven. Put one or two small pieces of wood on this pile, and keep feeding it as needed to maintain an active flame. This will keep the dome charged with heat, and make sure your pizzas cook properly.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Outdoor Pizza Oven

For the many people that like pizza it is a must have to experience the joys of an outdoor pizza oven. Just in case you are not sure what one of these ovens is it the traditional wood fired oven that is usually made from ceramic and is more commonly used to bake pizza in Italy.

These wood-fired ovens add an extra little something to the pizza and this makes its very unique. This style of oven is very good, as it does not require any preheating which means that it uses less energy.

The outdoor pizza ovens allows pizza lovers to enjoy the convenience of having good pizza to eat anytime they want. It would be true to say that some owners of these ovens are hooked when it comes to baking the pizza and enjoying the delightful traditional pizza. There are a lot of people that regularly invite friends and family around to join in the fun and experience.

Despite these ovens being so popular there are still a large number of people that are not getting the most from their outdoor pizza oven. It is very true to say that these ovens will enable you to get the most out of your pizza eating and baking experience.

These ovens are best used to make freshly made pizza however they can also be used to cook frozen pizza. These ovens are primarily designed from cooking pizza however they can be used to make other things as well such as bread.

The traditional style of wood fired oven heats to a very high temperature therefore when using one it is important to be very careful. It is also very important to follow the instructions when operating the oven in order to comply with health and safety regulations.

The traditional style of wood fired oven is expensive however there are cheaper versions available therefore this joy can be experienced by everyone regardless of the size of budget that they have.