Catering and Restaurant Equipment Required For Commercial Kitchen
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Doner Kebab Machine at Petra Showroom

Petra Equipment one of the best catering and restaurant equipment supplies in Sydney, Australia.

Now I introduce about Kebab machine and kebab slicer launched by Petra Equipment. kebab machine is used in five star hotels, BBQ Restaurants and some of social function like wedding celebration and Business party.

There are main 2 type of Doner Kebab Machine

  1. Gas Doner Kebab Machine and its Features
• GAS Doner Kebab Machine
• gas fired
• new improved model
• meat can be easily moved closer to or away from the heat
• Australian Gas Association Approval (Number: 6177)
• fitted with thermo-electric flame safe-guard gas valves
• heaters can be operated individually
• suitable for Natural or Propane gas
• conversion kit for Propane supplied upon request
• Four-burner (maximum 75kg meat capacity)
• Width: 559mm
• Depth: 710mm
• Height 1112mm
• Skewer length: 5715mm
• Heat Capacity: 12kw
• Weight of Meat: 60-75kg
• Gas InIet: 1/2"" Inch
• Gas Pressure: LPG 30/50 mbar / NG20/25 mbar
• Tension: 230V,50Hz
• Kable Cut: 3x1.5mm 2
• Heater: Horizontal4
• Net Weight: 44kg
  1. Electric Doner Kebab Machine and its Features
• ELECTRIC Doner Kebab Machine
• The specially designed ceran glass placed in front of the

heater prevents exhaust and crude gas (NO, CO, CO²) from penetrating the meat, improving quality & taste.
• Flat external surface of the glass ensure a large hygienic and clean cooking surface and prevents fat splashing on the heaters.
• Ceran glass internal surface is enlarged by special design to absorb the heat in order to increase productivity.
• Machine burning should be started from the bottom by automatic ignition.
• The body can be moved forwards and backwards.
• Foot pedal is optional.
• Meat turning direction selector switch ensures easiness for left or right handed cut.
• 632Wmm; 789Dmm; 1166Hmm
• Skewer length in use: 770mm
• Heat Capacity: 9.1kW
• Max. Weight of meat: 75/90Kg
• Tension: 230V or 400V, 3N
• Cable Cut: 3x2.5 mm²
• Heater: 5x1.5 mm²
• Frequency: 50Hz
• Net Weight:47Kg


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NSF-Certified Equipment for Food Services

Many states require that food service operations use only NSF-certified equipment. NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation. NSF standards reflect the following requirements:

1. Equipment must be easily cleaned.
2. All food contact surfaces must be nontoxic, nonabsorbent, corrosion resistant, and nonreactive.
3. All food contact surfaces bust be smooth.
4. Internal corners and edges must be rounded and smooth; external corners and angles must be smooth and sealed.
5. Coating materials must be nontoxic and easily cleaned; coatings must resist chipping and cracking.
6. Waste and waste liquids must be easily removed.

I would think that the majority of people reading this article, including myself, wouldn't have a clue about NSF-certified equipment in their kitchen, unless you are in the food service business.

One category of equipment is hand tools. These would include a vegetable peeler, zester, spatulas, whisks, and knives. Knives are the most important hand tool. Good-quality knives are expensive, but will last a long time if cared for properly. The metals generally used for knives are carbon steel, stainless steel, high-carbon stainless steel, and ceramic. A few of the styles of knives are chef's knife, utility knife, boning knife, paring knife, cleaver, slicer, and butcher knife.

Another category is measuring devices. These include scales, measuring cups, ladles, thermometers, and timers.

Cookware should be selected for its size, shape, ability to conduct heat evenly, and overall quality of construction. The metals used in construction are copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and cast-iron. Other materials are glass, ceramics, and plastic for food storage. Nonstick coatings may be applied to many types of cookware.

Types of processing equipment are meat slicer, mandoline, food chopper, food processor, blender, immersion blender, mixer, and juicer.

The heavy equipment would include your oven, stove, refrigerator, dish washer, butcher equipments, Pizza Ovens and grill for outdoor cooking. Their quality depends on your budget. Having the most expensive equipment won't do you any good if you can't afford to buy good food.
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