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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Choosing Correct Pizza Ovens

We all love pizza! The mouth watering taste and the sensuous aroma of cheese makes every mouth craves for a bite, but have we ever wondered why the taste is so good? Making pizza requires a great deal of specialization not just on the part of the chef but also the choice of equipments plays a very major and important role.

Of all the equipments required to make a mouth watering pizza, pizza ovens are the most essential. After all, this is the place where the cheese blends with the dough and makes a quality pizza.

Whether you have your own restaurant that offers pizza or make pizza at home, pizza ovens are a must for everybody. The most important aspect of pizza ovens is the maintenance of temperature and time. Both these factors are in charge of making a fine pizza.

There are various kinds of pizza ovens available in various sizes depending upon the number of pizzas that can be cooked at a time. Numerous companies from all corners of the world offer these equipments at competitive prices. As a word of precaution, always make sure the quality of pizza oven you may buy should be good as it requires a decent investment and should be handled with care. Little research about the product will make your job easier.

Commercial Catering Equipment

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Is it Worth Investing in Ambient Food Display if you are in Food and Drink Industry?

Whether you are already running your food business or you are about to start new business, you should always have some attractive food display in your shop. With this equipment, you can show your food products to customers. There is always higher possibility of increment in sales if you display your products in ambient food display equipment as customers can see products and choose on their own. You don’t need to show any products to your customers.

Ambient food display equipment also gives more freedom, time and comfort to your customers so that your customers feel delighted with their shopping experience.
Below are all necessary details about ambient food display, like features, price and best brands to buy.

Best Brands Available are: F.E.D and ICS Pacific

(1) F.E.D
• 1200mmW (Available in 1500mmW, 1800mmW sizes too)
• Three display levels
• Attractive stainless steel base with decorative trim
Dimensions: 1200W 760D 1200H mm
Rent-Try-Buy® for $5.69 a day

Product Code : GG120FD
Product Price : $ 2,730.00

(2) ICS Pacific:

• Elegant stainless steel
• Brilliant internal illumination to all shelves
• Adjustable shelves
• Fitted with wheels (2 Lockable)
• Suitable for cakes, sandwiches, focaccias, pies & pastries
Depth: 730mm, Height: 1200mm

Product Code : ICS Roma Ambient SS
Product Price : $ 2,589.00

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Discuss about Commercial Convection Oven

A commercial convection oven works by forcing hot air through fans and circulating that air around the food - hence convection. This method of heat distribution is effective at cooking food quickly and evenly. You can find them in both gas and electric heat powered varieties. The continuous disperse of the heated air is done by an internal fan, usually built in the rear of the oven.

Some Advantages

A convection oven is quite different to the standard oven and is recognized for its competency and fast preparation time.

The very important things are it need lower temperatures for cooking a food and Preheat very fast.

This prevents warm air from collecting at the top end of a convection oven, thus cooking food quickly.

It creates a distinct visual impact in the home kitchen and is available in a wide range of shades and increase the kitchen efficiency.

By using an oven with a convection feature, it is possible to enjoy evenly cooked food.

Make sure about commercial convection ovens size, you are buying is the right size to fit in your commercial kitchen and the right size for the kind of cooking you will be doing. Make sure you have a plan of what size the kitchen is going to be and what commercial kitchen equipment will go where before you buy the oven you need.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Perfect Hot Food Display Bar

The food industry relies on merchandise equipment manufacturers to provide them with hot food display units. They need these customized furniture pieces to display their menu items and to keep them either hot or cold.

Restaurants, eateries, all-you-can-eat buffets, hospitals, schools, large corporations, and other food-serving places need quality hot food display bars to show off their soups, gravies, and main course dishes. If the chicken noodle soup, pizza, fried chicken, beans, and mashed potatoes are cold, customers complain, or worse, leave and do not return. No retailer or institution wants that to happen.

Superior hot food display cases are pieces of equipment engineered specifically to meet the ever-changing requests of today's food retailers. This means that the manufacturers have to be able to provide meal solutions for hot or cold prepared food or a combination of both.

Hot food display units are an investment, so before ordering make sure that:
  • You plan your design and create a focal point;
  • You know how many food items you want to display. If your bar is too big, you will have empty chafing dishes, which does not leave a good impression, and if your counter is too small, you will not be able to offer the variety of foods you had planned.
  • The key display items and products should be at the right height. Some establishments serve to ethnic groups that are short, while others are visited more by taller people.
  • Keep the displays simple and appealing. Overcrowding your case may look messy.
  • Use proper lighting, which is even more important for windows and display cabinets
  • Ensure that you have ample space for your hot food display bar, and that it is in a location where it is visible from all angles. Use ample signage so all your hungry customers will easily find their way to your culinary delights!
Get information related to food display bars from Petra Equipment-Restaurant and Catering Equipments Supplies in Sydney, Australia.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cook testy Pizza in Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Pizza is one of the wonder foods of the 21st century. With its emphasis on quality ingredients and artisanal methods of production, it strongly connects with modern ideas about how food should be prepared and enjoyed. And of course, it doesn't hurt that a good pizza can be absolutely delicious!

About Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Wood fired ovens are the latest trend in outdoor home entertainment and for good reason; these wonderful attractive ovens can cook anything and adds an entirely new experience to cooking out of doors. People all over the country who enjoy cooking and entertaining outdoors are adding outdoor ovens to their patios and back yards. Enjoying everything from cozy family dinners to large parties all centered on this latest trend in wood cooking.

How to cook in wood fired pizza ovens

When cooking a pizza in a wood fired oven it is important to fire the
oven properly. This is done by building a fire inside the dome of the oven. For best results, use smallish pieces of wood - certainly no thicker than your wrist. The objective is to heat the dome as quickly as possible, so build a big fire. Every pizza ovens will take a different amount of time to get properly hot but a good tip is to look at the inside of the dome. At first it will be black with soot, but this will start to turn white and then burn off completely. At this point, the inside of the oven is at pizza cooking temperatures. You may need to keep a roaring fire going for a while longer to really get the heat spread throughout the oven. With practice, you will find what works best with your own oven.

Once the oven is hot enough, you can remove a lot of the smaller coals from the oven. Have a metal bins or similar ready to dump your hot coals, and be careful - it will heat up! Retain a good pile of coals, and push it to the side of the oven. Put one or two small pieces of wood on this pile, and keep feeding it as needed to maintain an active flame. This will keep the dome charged with heat, and make sure your pizzas cook properly.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Outdoor Pizza Oven

For the many people that like pizza it is a must have to experience the joys of an outdoor pizza oven. Just in case you are not sure what one of these ovens is it the traditional wood fired oven that is usually made from ceramic and is more commonly used to bake pizza in Italy.

These wood-fired ovens add an extra little something to the pizza and this makes its very unique. This style of oven is very good, as it does not require any preheating which means that it uses less energy.

The outdoor pizza ovens allows pizza lovers to enjoy the convenience of having good pizza to eat anytime they want. It would be true to say that some owners of these ovens are hooked when it comes to baking the pizza and enjoying the delightful traditional pizza. There are a lot of people that regularly invite friends and family around to join in the fun and experience.

Despite these ovens being so popular there are still a large number of people that are not getting the most from their outdoor pizza oven. It is very true to say that these ovens will enable you to get the most out of your pizza eating and baking experience.

These ovens are best used to make freshly made pizza however they can also be used to cook frozen pizza. These ovens are primarily designed from cooking pizza however they can be used to make other things as well such as bread.

The traditional style of wood fired oven heats to a very high temperature therefore when using one it is important to be very careful. It is also very important to follow the instructions when operating the oven in order to comply with health and safety regulations.

The traditional style of wood fired oven is expensive however there are cheaper versions available therefore this joy can be experienced by everyone regardless of the size of budget that they have.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Commercial cooking equipment in Australian Restaurant

Commercial equipment for cooking includes cooking equipment such as heaters, deep fryers and ovens. These products are supplied continuously and the demand for the cooking equipment are ever increasing as these are numerous places where commercial cooking is needed as in large homes and restaurants and the capacity of the product that is bought depends on the size of the place and the number of people in it.

Commercial cooking equipment is intended for large scale cooking that is why long term usage capability is of great importance. The load of the commercial cooking equipment is far different from the normal household wares. Commercial cooking equipment must be of very high quality that can with stand large quantity of food to be cooked.

The commercial catering equipment used for the purpose of frying is amongst the most vulnerable appliances. Online stores are becoming very popular now days because of its convenience and dependability. Petra Equipment supplies a wide range of commercial cooking appliances, Refrigerated equipment, Food Preparation Equipment and Stainless Steel Fabrication. It is the company's policy to build quality into products to provide customers with superior quality service.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Food Display Bar cases

The display trend is ruling the food industry marketing with the involvement of technical lighting in food outlets and food departments in supermarkets. Both hot and cold food items are showing a positive trend in sales turnover when they are displayed in specially lighted cases, which are also good for health purpose.

The new approach in this commercial lighting industry is helping in the expansion of the market and lighting professionals are giving their best to improve the display quality day by day to make the food to remain potentially safer for health with merchandising lighting technique.

Several food items are preserved properly with the specific commercial lighting with enhanced appearance value without any distortion. This is particularly beneficial to display the home meal items that are refrigerated and displayed for customers without any chance of ruining. Ordinary lighting can spoil the integrity of salad bars on display but with the balanced lighting technique, the shelf life of salad bar is increased to remain safe for intake. Several food items including chocolates, ice creams, hot foods and many others are susceptible to harmful radiation and are damaged.

The highly efficient balanced lighting from Promolux offers enhanced life to sensitive food items, extends shelf life, attracts customers and creates profits for you. You can use Display Case Lighting for food display bar. This will improvement the overall look of the whole shop.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Commercial Pizza Ovens

Commercial pizza ovens are capable of bringing you closer to your goal which is to promote success for your food business. Though it can be used for pizza only, it can still bring you the benefits of any other commercial cooking appliances.

Commercial pizza ovens are almost like the typical oven the main difference is that they are bigger to cater the demands of the growing number of customers. Commercial pizza ovens come in different types depending on what you prefer to have.

Conveyor is one of the most common types of commercial pizza ovens in which is capable of carrying large row of food especially during the peak seasons.

Deck ovens on the other hand are another type of commercial pizza ovens that that can be used to accessories the restaurant through its external features including stone, bricks and stainless steel.

Rotating or carousel commercial pizza ovens are easy to figure out how they work because as the name implies it rotates the pizza and is capable of giving out efficiency in energy. Your choice may vary depending on your needs, preferences and your budget as well because the three different types vary with each other.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Doner Kebab Machine at Petra Showroom

Petra Equipment one of the best catering and restaurant equipment supplies in Sydney, Australia.

Now I introduce about Kebab machine and kebab slicer launched by Petra Equipment. kebab machine is used in five star hotels, BBQ Restaurants and some of social function like wedding celebration and Business party.

There are main 2 type of Doner Kebab Machine

  1. Gas Doner Kebab Machine and its Features
• GAS Doner Kebab Machine
• gas fired
• new improved model
• meat can be easily moved closer to or away from the heat
• Australian Gas Association Approval (Number: 6177)
• fitted with thermo-electric flame safe-guard gas valves
• heaters can be operated individually
• suitable for Natural or Propane gas
• conversion kit for Propane supplied upon request
• Four-burner (maximum 75kg meat capacity)
• Width: 559mm
• Depth: 710mm
• Height 1112mm
• Skewer length: 5715mm
• Heat Capacity: 12kw
• Weight of Meat: 60-75kg
• Gas InIet: 1/2"" Inch
• Gas Pressure: LPG 30/50 mbar / NG20/25 mbar
• Tension: 230V,50Hz
• Kable Cut: 3x1.5mm 2
• Heater: Horizontal4
• Net Weight: 44kg
  1. Electric Doner Kebab Machine and its Features
• ELECTRIC Doner Kebab Machine
• The specially designed ceran glass placed in front of the

heater prevents exhaust and crude gas (NO, CO, CO²) from penetrating the meat, improving quality & taste.
• Flat external surface of the glass ensure a large hygienic and clean cooking surface and prevents fat splashing on the heaters.
• Ceran glass internal surface is enlarged by special design to absorb the heat in order to increase productivity.
• Machine burning should be started from the bottom by automatic ignition.
• The body can be moved forwards and backwards.
• Foot pedal is optional.
• Meat turning direction selector switch ensures easiness for left or right handed cut.
• 632Wmm; 789Dmm; 1166Hmm
• Skewer length in use: 770mm
• Heat Capacity: 9.1kW
• Max. Weight of meat: 75/90Kg
• Tension: 230V or 400V, 3N
• Cable Cut: 3x2.5 mm²
• Heater: 5x1.5 mm²
• Frequency: 50Hz
• Net Weight:47Kg


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NSF-Certified Equipment for Food Services

Many states require that food service operations use only NSF-certified equipment. NSF stands for National Sanitation Foundation. NSF standards reflect the following requirements:

1. Equipment must be easily cleaned.
2. All food contact surfaces must be nontoxic, nonabsorbent, corrosion resistant, and nonreactive.
3. All food contact surfaces bust be smooth.
4. Internal corners and edges must be rounded and smooth; external corners and angles must be smooth and sealed.
5. Coating materials must be nontoxic and easily cleaned; coatings must resist chipping and cracking.
6. Waste and waste liquids must be easily removed.

I would think that the majority of people reading this article, including myself, wouldn't have a clue about NSF-certified equipment in their kitchen, unless you are in the food service business.

One category of equipment is hand tools. These would include a vegetable peeler, zester, spatulas, whisks, and knives. Knives are the most important hand tool. Good-quality knives are expensive, but will last a long time if cared for properly. The metals generally used for knives are carbon steel, stainless steel, high-carbon stainless steel, and ceramic. A few of the styles of knives are chef's knife, utility knife, boning knife, paring knife, cleaver, slicer, and butcher knife.

Another category is measuring devices. These include scales, measuring cups, ladles, thermometers, and timers.

Cookware should be selected for its size, shape, ability to conduct heat evenly, and overall quality of construction. The metals used in construction are copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and cast-iron. Other materials are glass, ceramics, and plastic for food storage. Nonstick coatings may be applied to many types of cookware.

Types of processing equipment are meat slicer, mandoline, food chopper, food processor, blender, immersion blender, mixer, and juicer.

The heavy equipment would include your oven, stove, refrigerator, dish washer, butcher equipments, Pizza Ovens and grill for outdoor cooking. Their quality depends on your budget. Having the most expensive equipment won't do you any good if you can't afford to buy good food.
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Commercial Meat Slicer -Chefs and Cook Choice

Five Star Hotels and Restaurant’s chef want to different type slicers for cutting food, pizza, vegetables and meat. Petra Equipment provides different type of slicer like meat slicer, pizza slicer and bread slicer with quality and affordable price.

There are some of the branded meat slicers

Petra Equipments is best option for buy restaurant and catering equipment like cookware, glassware, cutlery, butcher equipments, buffetware, bakery equipments, pizza equipments, Ovens, Fridges, kitchenware and display bar for hot and cold food and different type of slicers.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Different Type of Coffee Machines

Coffee is one of the most favourite beverages in the world. But there are apprehensions about this drink as some experts warn that it may adversely affect the health, if consumed daily and excessively. However in the recent past researchers in Harvard University have come to the conclusion that such fears about coffee are baseless. On the other hand they have certified that coffee if consumed moderately is good for health. Researchers have found many therapeutic values in coffee. Accordingly those who consume coffee regularly but moderately will have lesser risks of colon and rectal cancers. Coffee can prevent many other ailments like type2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease and certain types of heart ailments. Notwithstanding the debates and discussions about the benefits and hazards of coffee, the consumption of the beverage is increasing in UK and whole world. According to market surveys coffee consumption is growing at a rate of 10 to 15 percent every year.

The demands for coffee makers are consequently increasing every year. There are several types and models of coffee making machines available in the global markets to cater the diverse needs of consumers. There is no uniformity in the methods this beverage is prepared and consumed. Many types of concoctions are made and consumed in different parts of the world. There are preparations exclusively made in certain countries and regions. Many types of coffee products are marketed under brand names. Each country has its favourite version of coffee.

Under the above circumstances different types of coffee makers are being designed and developed. The concept of beans to beverage was materialized when this machine could roast, grind, process and bring out coffee in a few minutes. Bean to cup, Pod, Cappuccino, Espresso Machine, Pump and Capsule are some of the popular categories of coffee machines developed by market leaders like Krupps, Gaggia, Jura, Ascaso etc.

Petra Equipment is best restaurant supplier of Coffee Equipment and Coffee machine in Sydney.

There are different type of Coffee Machines

Espresso Machine Coffee Percolators Coffee Grinders

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Looking for a commercial catering equipment company Sydney

Looking for a commercial catering equipment company that can offer true service and who understand you and your business?


But now not confuse about it; I have perfect option for you; "Petra Equipment" is Best option for you and your catering business. It’s a Catering and Restaurant equipment supplies in Sydney, Australia.

Now we can get more about "Petra Equipments – Commercial Refrigeration & Catering Supplies"

At Petra Equipment- they understand that good commercial catering equipment is just as important as fresh tasty food, clean and shiny cutlery and crockery, fast efficient service and an inviting atmosphere. So when you’re looking for the best commercial catering equipment that comes with helpful service then look no further than Petra Equipment.

Petra Equipment range of catering equipment comes from a variety of quality manufacturers which gives you even more shopping options.

At Petra Equipment-their catering equipment is extensive and it will be your one stop shop for catering equipment. The list of catering equipment you will find at Petra Equipment ensures you will always find what you need and some of the most popular catering equipment categories include:

- Australian cooking catering equipment

- Bench top catering equipment

- Fryer

- Frying Pans

- Pizza Equipments

- Ice Machines/Freezers

- Beverage equipment

- Pasta cookers

- Cooking Equipment

- Food Display Bar

- Washing Equipments and more

Then look no further than Petra Equipment for all your catering equipment needs in Sydney NSW.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Petra Equipment - This Week Special – 15% OFF

CHEF INOX Elite Stockpot

Category : Pots
Product Net Weight : 0
• Professional style strengthened handle
• High polish steam vented recessed lid
• Professional grade 18/10 stainless steel
• Satin finished inside and out
• High impact 3 ply thermal base
• Rolled edged for added strength and drip less pouring









































For More Information about this Week Special offer Please Check this one: CHEF INOX Elite Stockpot