Catering and Restaurant Equipment Required For Commercial Kitchen
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kitchen and Baking Equipment for Commercial Cooking

Although ‘Homo sapiens’ (modern humans) have been around for thousands of years, their current history can be surmised within the last 10000 years, i.e. ever since they stopped living the nomadic life and started living in permanent, built structures. Stretching further, the ‘real’ human history is not more than 5000 years old, when civilizations began to thrive and people began to write.

Anthropologists believe that the human race that we have today might not have survived and reached the present stage had it not for one thing – the art and science of cooking – which enabled humans to eat and live healthy. Hypothetically speaking, if there is absence of cooking today, populations would die within days due to bacterial and parasitical infections from eating raw foods.

For the purpose of this article, we will ignore home cooking and focus on commercial cooking, which is a big industry these days.  Eating out, especially the dinner is now a norm rather than exception. From budget meals at roadside cafes and takeaways to highly priced multi-course meals at high end luxurious restaurants, there is a place to serve all.

While taking meals in restaurants, we may perhaps not be aware of what goes inside the kitchen.  Commercial food processing and preparing requires hundreds of tools, hand operated and automatic machines, kitchen equipment, gadgets, refrigeration equipment, cleaning machines and countless other things. The piping hot pizzas ordered by you for instance require dough rollers, rolling pins, cutters, and baking equipment such as ovens, the most important appliance of all.

The main reason why a pizza ordered from pizzerias and other outlets tastes better and different, apart from the right cheeses and ingredients, is the oven. Commercial pizza ovens in pizzerias and restaurants are different from those manufactured for home. These are industrial appliances made from high grade steel for caterers, hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafeterias, canteen and all such establishments. They provide correct, constant and controlled temperatures to bake the right pizza.

Commercial cooking appliances such as kitchen equipment, baking equipment, ovens, etc are designed and manufactured by specialists who fabricate ovens according to clients’ requirements. They also offer wood fired pizza ovens and used pizza ovens for sale at cut-price rates.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chill out with Advanced and Latest Bar Fridge

Are you searching for a bar fridge for sale? If yes, then it is recommended to do proper research before making any decision. You also need to consider a few important things. First thing that you should consider is to decide how much cash you can spend on your bar fridge. If your budget does not allow you to spend much, then you may have to hold off on fancy and advanced features. Another option that you can go for is to think about getting a used bar fridge for sale.

After figuring out your budget, you can think about other features. These features include styles, colors, and bonuses, such as frost-free and ice makers.  The cost of a fridge depends upon various features, like the popularity of colors, styles etc. 

The style that you select will also vary in cost depending on trends. For instance, the 'old fashioned' bar fridge costs you less as compared to advanced and latest bar fridge having new features. It totally depends upon your choice. Go for the style that you like! Other things that can increase the cost of a bar fridge are freezer drawer (freezer on the bottom), and French door (freezer and fridge side by side).

These days, you can find a bar fridge for sale with almost endless choices. You can get digital icemakers that will chop up the ice pieces to your specifications! Smart bar fridge that is able to tell you if you have left the door ajar. You can even get the bar fridges that are defrosting and self-cleaning. It is totally up to you to decide the features that you actually want in your bar fridge. I hope these tips will help you while buying your bar fridge. Have enjoyable shopping for a bar fridge for sale!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Make healthy deserts in ice cream machine

Are you in need of best ice –cream machine or maker? Have you ever wished to prepare yummy ice cream just in few minutes? If yes, then let’s read this blog further to get some information on ice –cream makers that let you cherish every slurp of ice scoops! In case, you wish to buy an ice cream machine, and not getting any clue after reading reviews, then it is better that you jot down what type of maker you want. List out your needs and brand preferences; know what functions you need while making preparing ice cream.

Who would not love to have deserts made from best ice cream machines? Everyone would..! In fact, you not only prepare just ice creams; you can make them healthier yet tastier instead of adding artificial sweeteners! So, if you like to add healthy eating, then ice cream machine is an ideal option. Another most essential aspect to keep in mind is that – consider your priorities cautiously! There could be three things: amount of ice cream, time spent in preparing, cost of the ice cream maker, or free space in your freezer?

Most of the deserts produced by machines are ready to eat immediately! You can explore ice cream machines online, and get reviews that can assist you settle on exact model you want. So, make no mistake, there are several types of machines to pick from! Thus, you will learn that one ice cream machine can very well be manufactured by renowned manufacturers.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Restaurant Furniture – One of the Boosting Features for an Owner!

People prefer to chill out at the places where they can have variety of options to treat themselves! It can be anything; the hottest choice amongst them is to have luscious food in an excellent restaurant. A restaurant ambiance is the first and the foremost thing to be considered; generally people emphasis on the restaurant furniture and the premises. Restaurant furniture can hinder the whole dining experience; so it is better that a restaurant is well equipped with cozy chairs and tables! Visitors always want to dine in a comfy place where they can cherish with each and every moment.

If you are a restaurant owner and wants that visitors should admire the ambiance then you should get your restaurant well equipped with artistic restaurant chairs and tables. Let the furniture and menu keep your every visitor happy! As people come to your restaurant to spend quality time with their friends and families then why not give them the best services during those few minutes?... This can heighten the overall experience of a scrumptious meal. Furniture of your restaurant should be either modern with a traditional touch! It can create a positive impact on the visitors; blending two different cultures may uplift environ of your restaurant.

Luckily, you have various options in restaurant chairs and restaurant table; white glassed tables are easily cleaned; hence other artistic restaurant furniture can heighten the beauty of your restaurant. Any elegant furniture falls perfect to allow you to have a splendid dining! Being a restaurant owner, you must explore various patterns in office furniture; as you will discover variety of styled chairs; tables and other things which can boost up the ambiance of your restaurant! So get grand yet trendy looking furniture that can get you appreciation.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unveil Different Types of Bakery Equipments

Someone has very rightly said – Fresh baked cookies generate simple pleasure. In the world of health consciousness baked food has taken center stage. And consequently the demand for bakery equipment has also seen a rise. The demand has risen not only for commercial uses but also for personal use. Baking is a sensitive task which involves the use of high-tech equipments and different hygienic and scientific principles. Those who are well aware of the bakery requirements will know that bread slicers and deck ovens are vital parts of any bakery set up.

Let us take a look at some basic information about bread slicers and deck ovens which are vital components of any bakery equipment.

Bread slicers are basically automated machines to slice loaves of bread into equal pieces without deforming the original loaf and that too in a short span of time with precision and accuracy. It is a perfectly designed machine for high scale bakeries, kitchens, restaurants, hotels, and military units. One of the unique features is that all surfaces which are in contact with the bread are made of food stuff friendly materials. Since a bakery would deal with large amounts of bread that would need to be sliced in various shapes and sizes with high precision, the slicers are considered as an irreplaceable part of the bakery equipment.

Commercial baking requires correspondingly larger tools than the casual baker would use. Also in a restaurant or a big bakery, large volumes of product would need to be baked in one go. In such cases, deck ovens would become an inevitable part of the bakery equipment because of their feature of having more than one baking chamber which would serve the purpose of baking more items in one attempt. The three most popular types available in the market today are: cyclothermic, steam tube and thermal oil ovens.