Catering and Restaurant Equipment Required For Commercial Kitchen
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kitchen and Baking Equipment for Commercial Cooking

Although ‘Homo sapiens’ (modern humans) have been around for thousands of years, their current history can be surmised within the last 10000 years, i.e. ever since they stopped living the nomadic life and started living in permanent, built structures. Stretching further, the ‘real’ human history is not more than 5000 years old, when civilizations began to thrive and people began to write.

Anthropologists believe that the human race that we have today might not have survived and reached the present stage had it not for one thing – the art and science of cooking – which enabled humans to eat and live healthy. Hypothetically speaking, if there is absence of cooking today, populations would die within days due to bacterial and parasitical infections from eating raw foods.

For the purpose of this article, we will ignore home cooking and focus on commercial cooking, which is a big industry these days.  Eating out, especially the dinner is now a norm rather than exception. From budget meals at roadside cafes and takeaways to highly priced multi-course meals at high end luxurious restaurants, there is a place to serve all.

While taking meals in restaurants, we may perhaps not be aware of what goes inside the kitchen.  Commercial food processing and preparing requires hundreds of tools, hand operated and automatic machines, kitchen equipment, gadgets, refrigeration equipment, cleaning machines and countless other things. The piping hot pizzas ordered by you for instance require dough rollers, rolling pins, cutters, and baking equipment such as ovens, the most important appliance of all.

The main reason why a pizza ordered from pizzerias and other outlets tastes better and different, apart from the right cheeses and ingredients, is the oven. Commercial pizza ovens in pizzerias and restaurants are different from those manufactured for home. These are industrial appliances made from high grade steel for caterers, hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafeterias, canteen and all such establishments. They provide correct, constant and controlled temperatures to bake the right pizza.

Commercial cooking appliances such as kitchen equipment, baking equipment, ovens, etc are designed and manufactured by specialists who fabricate ovens according to clients’ requirements. They also offer wood fired pizza ovens and used pizza ovens for sale at cut-price rates.


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